Seashell Trust

Seashell Trust is a Manchester charity founded back in 1823.  It provides education and residential care for some of society’s most profoundly disabled children and young people who additionally have little or no ability to communicate verbally.

For some, Seashell is their full-time home as they live on site in one of 17 home-from-home four-bedroom houses with round-the-clock care.

Some years ago, Seashell Trust approached Barnes Cotton Districts to ask if we could support them by providing pocket money for a group of their children and young people who, for a number of reasons, do not have access to funds to spend on the things they like and enjoy.

More recently, we were able to help with the additional financial burden Covid-19 has placed on charities like Seashell Trust.

“The support of Barnes Cotton District Charity over many years has ensured that the children and young people who live with us have the same opportunities during their leisure time as all other children have”, says Dominic Tinner, Head of Fundraising at Seashell Trust.  “Being away from their loving families is one thing but that does not mean they should miss out on being able to treat themselves now and again.”

Below are thank yous from two of the Residents.

My Name is Henry and I live in house 2 with 2 other children. I am 10 years old and love the keyboard!

I have Cerebral palsy and complex learning disabilities, so I go to a special school called Royal School Manchester. I have some targets for me to do well in school and my target at home is to make my own drink independently. I like to go swimming weekly and I enjoy water play. I also like going to Costa coffee for a hot chocolate. When I go out on my activities I usually have my wheel chair as I have difficulties when walking. My staff are really nice and they help me do things I enjoy.

Items I have recently bought with my pocket money

A new keyboard to play my music.

Some balls to play with. I like to play catch with the staff and friends I live with.

New clothes and trainers to wear when I go out on my activities and go home to see my family.

My name is Tricia and I am 21 years old, I have Autism, OCD, ADHD and a learning disability. I live at Seashell while I go to college. I enjoy social interaction and people watching, listening to music, sensory play (water play, sorting beads, sorting money), physical activities such as trampolining, dancing, going for walks and car/van journeys.

I enjoy sorting beads and money and art, I like doing this on my own, and it helps me to relax. I can be quite wary of other people; it can be scary and need lots of reassurance.

My mum and my grandparents are the only family I have. My mum is very important to me, and I will ask about her a lot, she comes to see me every Wednesday and we go swimming together. At the weekend I like to go to the shops and spend my pocket money.

My anxieties can become heightened and having the fidget toys helps me stay calm.

Items I have recently bought with my pocket money:

I like to buy drinks and some clothing but the main things I like to buy are fidget sensory toys such as flippy chains, stress balls and stretch tubes.

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